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ISIS, Iraq, Syria, The Entire Middle East-Time to Toss the Hot Potato

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 1, 2014

One could say the latest round of Middle East discontent began with Bush I giving a green light to Hussein invading Kuwait, then pulling the rug out as it were. Clinton, Bush II and Obama have each made the situation exponentially worse.

Pat Buchanan has recently expanded on Ran Paul’s question: What did Hillary accomplish as secretary of state? Wrecking havoc is about all.

The CIA, National Endowment for Democracy and Hillary’s coercion in the overthrow of Libya, Eqypt and Ukraine have unleashed tribal and ethnic chaos. ISIS and Boko Haram being a direct result. Read the rest of this entry »

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Afghanistan – Powerful Major Ally Commitment? Powerful BS.

Posted by Martin C. Fox on July 8, 2012

The Associated Press (translator  for Big Brother Broadcasting) tells us Goddess of Statespersonship Hillary hails Afghanistan as our newest “major non-NATO ally”. The blurb fails to tell us what Afghanistan has done to be worthy of this honor. Apparently it is their ability to absorb $4B a year’s worth of taxpayers dollars for “stabilization”. “International donors” will contribute. The donors are unnamed as is the US fraction of the total. I therefore estimate the US fraction will be approximately 100%. Read the rest of this entry »

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What is the real purpose of “Fast and Furious”?

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 3, 2011

A post I read today prompted me to rehash Fast and Furious.  Not the Hollywood fantasy, the government fiasco.  My first reaction when I first heard of Fast and Furious was recalling the government’s press units (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN), Hillary and the sportsman’s friend Obama telling us how all those sport stores on the border were funneling guns to Mexico.  You must remember seeing the giant displays of semi and full auto weapons, grenade launchers, rockets and anti-tank guns that were supposedly spewing forth from local gunshops.  Read the rest of this entry »

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