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Ebola- Another US Government Success Story?

Posted by M. C. on August 13, 2014

Remember the anthrax mailings to some Senators in 2001? After much prodding the government finally admitted the bugs came from the Army’s Ames Research Center.

Researcher Bruce Ivins was accused but no one really believes it was him. Ivins couldn’t take the pressure and pulled his own plug. The FBI pulled out and declared victory.

Then there is Plum Island. This facility near Lyme CT was started to help combat contagious animal disease such as hoof and mouth. It is now a restricted access biological disaster area. There have been past reports of disfigured animals washing up on nearby shores.

Lyme disease first reared its ugly head near Lyme CT.

Now we have a bioweapons lab in Sierra Leone housed at the Kenema Government Hospital which, by the way, has links to the Bill and Melinda Gates and Soros Foundations. Coincidentally it is the center of the Ebola outbreak.

What better place to conduct experiments than Sierra Leone. Who cares about a corrupt African country no one can find on a map. The occasional outbreak will not affect US citizens and can be kept under wraps.

Unless there is a really big screw-up. Not a farfetched scenario considering our government, military (sorry if I repeat myself) and foreign policy track record since say…MK Ultra.

Lately there has been renewed discussion regarding continuing the development of super flu viruses. Supposedly so we can get a head start on vaccines. Don’t worry, precautions will be taken. Samples won’t be mishandled or lost like has been happening at the CDC lately.

Buy your face mask now before supplies run out…before you are already dead.

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One Response to “Ebola- Another US Government Success Story?”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    Wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the threat of Lyme disease, and other diseases caught in the woods, is exaggerated to keep people on “the path” in the great outdoors. The authorities can’t be everywhere out there, so a standing threat, like Lyme disease, controls the masses desire to go too far off the approved areas.

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