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Boy Skirts of America: Century-old youth club caves to PC police — RT Op-ed

Posted by M. C. on May 7, 2018

How long can a nation that insists on turning biological fact into fiction in order to create an artificial equality be expected to survive? Not very long, I would guess.

The “Scouts” are toast, that is for sure.

Robert Bridge

The oldest youth group in the US has undergone a ‘sex-change’ operation of sorts by declaring itself a ‘gender neutral’ outfit. Such a move does a considerable disservice to both American men and women.

Founded in 1910 by the American media magnate and explorer William D. Boyce, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) provided a rite of passage to adulthood for over 100 million young men throughout its history.

According to biographer Janice Petterchak, Boyce structured his organization around particular ‘character-building’ attributes – like civic duty, patriotism and self-reliance – that he believed were crucial for “making men.”


William D. Boyce is certainly turning in his grave today.

In keeping with these extreme PC times, which got a generous dose of lunacy following revelations of (male) sexual impropriety in Hollywood – most famously on Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch (which I believe should be donated to the Smithsonian Institute to commemorate the soft spot where Liberals lost their collective mind) – the Boy Scouts of America got the memo that it’s time to adjust their sails to a Category 5 cultural storm…

Personally, I think the newfound craze for vilifying and terminating male-only organizations has a lot to do with the ongoing inquisition against men, and more often than not living white men, who are now being held accountable for every historical crime committed by their deceased ancestors…

Be seeing you


George Orwell and Joseph Goebbels




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