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Woman Attending Ultra-Exclusive Gala For The Elite In Expensive Designer Dress Lectures Nation On Inequality 

Posted by M. C. on September 18, 2021

And she was re-elected.

NEW YORK, NY—A rich, politically powerful woman, extremely privileged in her upbringing and current societal status, attended an ultra-exclusive gala for the elite today in an expensive designer dress, sources confirmed.

The woman attended the $30,000 event in order to wear a message on the designer dress that 99.9999% of women through all of human history could only dream of ever affording. That message was that inequality is a real problem and that we need to tax the rich more. “She is simply stunning her in her beautiful Tax the Rich dress,” said one entertainment reporter. “What a powerful message for all of us poors.” 

At publishing time, the woman had momentarily considered that maybe she is actually part of the wealthy bourgeoisie and not an oppressed minority, but she quickly brushed the disturbing thought aside.

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