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NYT ‘Bombshell’ – CIA Massively Engaged On-Ground In Ukraine

Posted by M. C. on June 27, 2022

In another case of who is leaking and why, the New York Times has revealed that the CIA is heavily involved in training and advising Ukraine in its war with Russia. As former CIA official Larry Johnson writes, this is a very selective leak from the US government. So we need to read between the lines to answer why. Also today…one day before NATO’s Madrid summit the talk is all about escalation.

A few short weeks ago Ukraine was mopping the floor with Russian troops but our military hadnt a clue about what Ukrainian troops were doing with U$ $upplied money and weapon$. Now we are told the CIA is running the show, US special forces are fighting Russians and Ukraine is getting it’s ass kicked. The only bombshells the NYT prints are what the CIA tells them to print.

Are we getting set up for a US bail-out or more printed money, more MIC weapons and massive US escalation?

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