Opinion from a Libertarian ViewPoint


Posted by M. C. on August 8, 2022

Anarchism is a theory of society without the state in which the market provides all public goods and services, such as law and order. Although most anarchists oppose all large institutions, public or private, anarcho‐​capitalists oppose the state, but not private actors with significant market power. For evidence that this system is workable, anarchocapitalists point to the 19th‐​century American West, medieval Iceland, and Anglo‐​Saxon England.

Because anarcho‐​capitalism is predicated on a capitalist economic system, it requires markets, property, and the rule of law. (Many anarchists reject one or more of these elements. Some of those objections are discussed later.) Anarcho‐​capitalists believe that private entities will provide those goods and services necessary for society to function in peace and good order without the existence of a state that coerces individuals into paying for or obeying legal institutions.

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