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Opinion | Daniel Ellsberg, the Man Who Leaked the Pentagon Papers, Is Scared – The New York Times

Posted by M. C. on March 27, 2023

Q. Robert McNamara, who was secretary of defense during the Cuban missile crisis, once said, “The indefinite combination of human fallibility and nuclear weapons will destroy nations.” Why haven’t we seen nuclear weapons used since 1945?

A. We have seen nuclear weapons used many times. And they’re being used right now by both sides in Ukraine. They’re being used as threats, just as a bank robber uses a gun, even if he doesn’t pull the trigger. You’re lucky if you can get your way in some part without pulling the trigger. And we’ve done that dozens of times. But eventually, as any gambler knows, your luck runs out.

Alex Kingsbury

By Alex Kingsbury

Mr. Kingsbury is a member of the editorial board.

Daniel Ellsberg, famous for leaking the Pentagon Papers and his activism against nuclear weapons, announced recently that he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Mr. Ellsberg, now 91, copied the military’s secret 7,000-page history of the Vietnam War and gave it to The New York Times and The Washington Post in 1971. The government sued to stop publication, but the Supreme Court defended the First Amendment right of a free press against prior restraint.

The papers produced a wave of anger at the government for having lied about the conduct of the war, which was already unpopular. In 1971, Mr. Ellsberg faced numerous charges, including violating the 1917 Espionage Act, but charges were dismissed in 1973 because of government misconduct.

In 2021, he revealed that the government had drawn up plans to attack China with nuclear weapons during a crisis over the Taiwan Strait in 1958.

With tensions rising between the United States and China, public distrust of the government running high and nuclear threats being lobbed over the war in Ukraine, his life’s work seems as relevant as it ever was.

Mr. Ellsberg agreed to speak with Times Opinion at his California home about the lessons he’s learned.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Q. As you look around the world today, what scares you?

A. I’m leaving a world in terrible shape and terrible in all ways that I’ve tried to help make better during my years. President Biden is right when he says that this is the most dangerous time, with respect to nuclear war, since the Cuban missile crisis. That’s not the world I hoped to see in 2023. And that’s where it is. I also don’t think the world is going to deal with the climate crisis. We’ve known, since the 2016 Paris agreement and before, that the U.S. had to cut our emissions in half by 2030. That’s not going to happen.

Q. The number of people with the security clearances to view classified material has expanded, perhaps exponentially, since the leak of the Pentagon Papers, and I wonder, aside from a few people like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, why haven’t there been more Dan Ellsbergs? Why aren’t there more people who, when presented with evidence of something that they find morally objectionable, disclose it?

A. Why aren’t there more? It’s a question I’ve often asked myself. Many of the people whistle-blowers work with know the same things and actually regard the information in the same way — that it’s wrong — but they keep their mouths shut. As Snowden said to me and others, “Everybody I dealt with said that what we were doing was wrong. It’s unconstitutional. We’re getting information here about Americans that we shouldn’t be collecting.” The same thing was true for many of my colleagues in government who opposed the war. Of course, people are worried about the consequences.

See the rest here

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MSNBC Pundit Goes To Fight In Ukraine, Acts Like A Disruptive Troll And Leaves

Posted by M. C. on March 27, 2023

It shows to go ya. Their world isn’t our world.

Caitlin Johnstone

One year ago then-MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance announced he had left the network to join the fight against Russia with the Ukrainian International Legion, telling MSNBC’s Joy Reid “I’m done talking” to much fanfare from the blue-and-yellow-flag-waving crowd.

A year later, The New York Times has published a report which would seem to indicate that Nance was not done talking after all.

In an article titled “Stolen Valor: The U.S. Volunteers in Ukraine Who Lie, Waste and Bicker,” the Times describes how foreign volunteer fighters “who lack the skills or discipline to assist effectively” are hindering the war effort, saying that “people who would not be allowed anywhere near the battlefield in a U.S.-led war are active on the Ukrainian front — often with unchecked access to weapons and military equipment.”

The New York Times’ Justin Scheck and Thomas Gibbons-Neff name several of these problematic volunteers who “lie, waste and bicker,” including well-known American volunteer fighter James Vasquez, whom they confront about lies they’ve discovered he told in order to get himself to the frontline in Ukraine. But like many articles in the mainstream media, the chewiest bits aren’t found until many paragraphs down.

Kristina Wong 🇺🇸 @kristina_wong

Oof. “Malcolm Nance, a former Navy cryptologist and MSNBC commentator, arrived in Ukraine last year and made a plan to bring order and discipline to the Legion. Instead, he became enmeshed in the chaos.” Stolen Valor: The U.S. Volunteers in Ukraine…

1:34 PM ∙ Mar 25, 2023


From the article:

Malcolm Nance, a former Navy cryptologist and MSNBC commentator, arrived in Ukraine last year and made a plan to bring order and discipline to the Legion. Instead, he became enmeshed in the chaos.

Mr. Nance, whose TV appearances have made him one of the most visible Americans supporting Ukraine, was an experienced military operator. He drafted a code of honor for the organization and, by all accounts, donated equipment.

Today, Mr. Nance is involved in a messy, distracting power struggle. Often, that plays out on Twitter, where Mr. Nance taunted one former ally as “fat” and an associate of “a verified con artist.”

He accused a pro-Ukraine fund-raising group of fraud, providing no evidence. After arguing with two Legion administrators, Mr. Nance wrote a “counterintelligence” report trying to get them fired. Central to that report is an accusation that one Legion official, Emese Abigail Fayk, fraudulently tried to buy a house on an Australian reality TV show with money she didn’t have. He labeled her “a potential Russian spy,” offering no evidence. Ms. Fayk denied the accusations and remains with the Legion.

Mr. Nance said that as a member of the Legion with an intelligence background, when he developed concerns, he “felt an obligation to report this to Ukrainian counterintelligence.”

Scheck and Gibbons-Neff report that “Mr. Nance has left Ukraine,” which would make sense if that was how he was behaving. Perhaps he was asked to leave, or perhaps he left on his own because so many people hated him.

See the rest here

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The Backlash Against Woke Inc is Coming… | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on March 27, 2023

  • “She” “gently asks her progressive viewers to consider the possibility… that the suffering of men is real, especially among those who were never high on any kind of ladder… ‘Maybe the average man is also oppressed by the system…’”

Reality check: “Transgender women” are males who take the opposite approach to Tate– but for the exact same reasons.

By Joe Jarvis

I read an article called, Tate-Pilled What a generation of boys have found in Andrew Tate’s extreme male gospel.

The point: Andrew Tate’s ultra-masculinity appeals to young men and boys because it expresses everything about their nature that they have been forced to suppress.

  • Tate is crazy and over the top. That’s how he gets attention. He keeps it by encouraging young men to be masculine, driven, hard workers, and PROUD of themselves and their achievements.

The audience: boys who grow up in liberal, woke households with weak fathers and feminist mothers– or experience the same dynamic at school.

  • They have to silence themselves, police what they say or think: “a public-high-school teacher living in Brooklyn, calls the atmosphere in his mostly white classrooms ‘the New Victorianism.’”
  • “Spike, who is 17, describes the eye-rolling among his peers when they’re forced to attend another seminar or symposium on systemic racism, microaggressions, misogyny, white saviorism, gentrification, toxic masculinity, or gender roles. “
  • “…hardly any straight boy has the language to speak truthfully about how he envisions romance, dating, or sex because ‘they know if they say it aloud, someone will censure them or say they are encouraging rape culture.’”
  • Case in Point: “Most of the girls I spoke with have male friends or acquaintances who follow Tate. They’ve checked on Instagram. (Chloe, who goes to a public school in Madison, Connecticut, immediately unfollowed all of them.)”

“The message is, ‘Let these other people talk. You’ve had your time,’” Valerie says. “And probably the boys think, I haven’t had my time. I was just born! I was going through puberty yesterday!… To feel that way and then to hear, ‘Your voice is not relevant to this conversation,’ I can imagine how young straight boys feel more isolated than they used to.” She pauses. “But the change is a net positive. I’m maybe not that sympathetic.”

The Trans-Activist who agrees…

The article included a segment about a male who now pretends to be a woman.

  • “She” “gently asks her progressive viewers to consider the possibility… that the suffering of men is real, especially among those who were never high on any kind of ladder… ‘Maybe the average man is also oppressed by the system…’”

Reality check: “Transgender women” are males who take the opposite approach to Tate– but for the exact same reasons.

  • Instead of becoming ultra-masculine, they become ultra-feminine, and join the ranks of the “oppressed”. Voila, it’s victimhood in a pill and surgery.

Two books to dive deeper:

  1. The Fourth Turning: Different generations have different values. As generations turn over, there is typically a strong rebellion from the values of the overbearing parents of one generation.
  2. Teen 2.0: Saving Our Children and Families from the Torment of Adolescence: Healthy children are given the freedom to learn, grow, question, and form their own ideas. MANY social problems (and personal mental health issues) stem from overbearing parents and social institutions which artificial extend childhood, and therefore control young adults for longer.

Tate is the harbinger of what is to come: a violent pendulum swing away from woke, feminist, social justice warriors wielding power, WAY past a rational and reasonable balance, to something more along the lines of Shariah Law.

  • The most at-risk are the most repressed: boys subjugated by woke mothers and teachers.

But we can counter this just by being normal. Be masculine. Be driven. Marry a woman, provide for your family.

It doesn’t require Bugattis, private jets, and cigars.

See the rest here

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The AI Arms Race: Government versus the People

Posted by M. C. on March 27, 2023

Government control of AI. What could go wrong.

Joe Jarvis

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Separate Bank & State

Posted by M. C. on March 27, 2023

An explanation of that shell game known as fractional reserve banking.

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The UN is Obsolete – The Cabal & Their NGO’s are Mental Cavemen – Helena

Posted by M. C. on March 27, 2023

Ultimately, what Guterres is calling for at the UN is for ALL FRESH WATER to be owned by a global government and doled out to countries based on equity and sustainability metrics.   But there is a hitch –

Russia happens to have the largest reservoir in the world, Lake Baikal.  

Just what I want. The Great Lakes controlled by a faceless Zer or Ze in Brussels.

The lake depth mentioned in the article should have been one mile deep.


The Nationalist Voice

For over Seventy Years the UN has self declared it is the global peacemaker.   The global soothsayer for human rights.   The global climate Tzar. The UN is The Future!   But the tin foil hat blew off into the wind ravaged GMO seed field and revealed nary a root, a sprout, a speck of green – no brain beneath.  

The UN Seeks Solutions! The UN is the world’s global Flagship!   Ad nauseum, the UN self lauds.   The wheel of fortune spun and this time the payload came up China.   China is brokering peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Iran and the UAE, Palestine and Israel, Ukraine and Russia.

A tectonic plate shifts.   And the Mafia is pissed.

Are Western Nations purposefully creating a New BRICS Empire?   Do they envision themselves as a vassal of China?   The US and Canadian governments are clearly supporting communism. Bought by China money.   Beholden with Blackmail. Is the West thus pushing for a globalization based on a China Revolution Order?

The question is – who exactly will run this communist globe? Obviously China is being led to believe they will become the new Global Empire. IF America and the EU are envisioned to become 3rd world African nations – a China/Russia New Empire would most definitely unfold.

According to CSIS, the motto is: Deny, Deflect, Deter.  

The West is operating on two dimensions. Superficially, we are given a reality that is honed in chaos, murder, crime, pedophilia, and a Mad Max authority.   Beneath this superficial surface a maze of NGO power frames are asking AI to tell them what to do…   They have lost their footing, lost their direction, and are desperately attempting to find a means of regaining top tier Reign.

Their Problem:   Western NGO cultists are operating on a barbaric ideology that is rooted in ancient history – CONQUER!   They have yet to evolve beyond the pursuit of creating an ally by first destroying him.   Their perception of the 21st century is still rooted in caveman philosophies. And their fatal errors are increasing exponentially as a direct result.

Xi Jinping played the Tortoise.    The Mafia Cult thought they were invincible.   They did not anticipate the twist in allegiances. Their strategic ploy of installing incompetency into the various offices of White Houses across the globe has backfired!   Instead of giving them the desired space to rule – they have found themselves busily cleaning up mess after mess utilizing precious time! All while losing their footing.

The UN website looks like a Hollywood printout – glowing photoshopped faces – and highlights of money spent to achieve no solution.    NY is hosting UN Members to discuss Water:   We are draining humanity’s lifeblood through vampiric overconsumption and unsustainable use, and evaporating it through global heating.”    Of course EVERY agenda within the UN is discussed to the point of beating a dead horse because no one wants to take action!

Ultimately, what Guterres is calling for at the UN is for ALL FRESH WATER to be owned by a global government and doled out to countries based on equity and sustainability metrics.   But there is a hitch –

Russia happens to have the largest reservoir in the world, Lake Baikal.   At 744 miles deep and encompassing 12,300 sq miles – this ancient massive body of water is a precious resource!   Yet, out of reach to the Greedy Cultists.   They desperately WANT this water at any cost.   As such, it is not a coincidence that control of Russia is considered a primary goal.   Fatal Flaw?   The West sought control from the wrong angle.   Instead of making Russia an ally – the West sought to make Russia a demon.

Strategy is everything – and the imbeciles running the NGO’s blew it!

This month and forward countries will come together for the Water/Climate Summit, the Democracy Summit, the Security Summit, the World Bank Summit, the Hollywood Summit…   Each Summit guarantees a promise.   Each promise is matched by pinky swear testimony.   And nothing is EVER actually accomplished.

While all these Summits declare End of World issues, the Tortoise is busily making ‘friends’.

See the rest here

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Watch “Talking About Stoicism 219: A Stoic Farewell” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on March 25, 2023

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They’re Rebooting “Axis Of Evil” On The 20th Anniversary Of The Iraq Invasion

Posted by M. C. on March 25, 2023

The idea is to get everyone thinking in terms of Good Guys versus Bad Guys like children watching a cartoon show, instead of like grown adults engaged in complex analysis of real life as it actually exists.

Caitlin Johnstone

The western political/media class has suddenly resurrected the phrase “Axis of Evil” in recent days to refer to the increasing intimacy between Russia and China, just in time for the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Famed Iraq War cheerleader Sean Hannity appears to have kicked things off last week, saying on his show that “a new Axis of evil is emerging” between China, Russia and Iran, a slogan that has since been echoed numerous times this week.

On Tuesday former ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told Fox News that Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are “two dictators that have said they are unlimited partners,” asserting that “This is the new Axis of Evil, with Iran being their junior partner.”

Also on Tuesday Representative Mike Lawler tweeted, “Xi’s meeting with Putin in Moscow is deeply concerning and highlights the growing threats posed by this new axis of evil,” and on Thursday he tweeted, “We are dealing with a new axis of evil and failure to stop Putin in Ukraine will have far-reaching implications as Russia pushes further into Eastern Europe and China moves against Taiwan.”

Daniel Di Martino 🇺🇸🇻🇪 @DanielDiMartino

“This is the new Axis of Evil” Nikki Haley says of China and Russia “with Iran being the junior partner.” That’s absolutely right. If you look around the world, every authoritarian regime is supported by either or all of the three rogue tyrants in Beijing, Moscow, and Tehran.

Nikki Haley @NikkiHaley

A win for Russia is a win for China. This is not a “territorial dispute.” This is a fight for freedom and it is a fight we have to win. PM ∙ Mar 21, 202383Likes13Retweets

On Wednesday The Telegraph published an article titled “Xi and Putin are building a new axis of evil,” which mixes in the phrases “China-Russia axis” and “Beijing-Moscow axis” for good measure.

Also on Wednesday Representative Brian Mast tweeted “This is the new axis of evil” with a picture of Xi and Putin shaking hands.

On Thursday British tabloid The Sun published an article titled “WHO’S THE BOSS? Body language experts reveal Putin & Xi’s hidden messages in their ‘axis of evil’ meeting and who REALLY has the power,” with the phrase “axis of evil” appearing nowhere in the actual body of the text.

The “Axis of Evil” slogan was first made infamous by George W Bush in a jingoistic speech he gave a few months after 9/11, and at the time referred to the nations of Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. The following year Iraq would be in ruins as the US empire ushered in a new era of worldwide military expansionism and shockingly aggressive interventionism throughout the Middle East.

Bush (and the speechwriter who helped him coin the phrase, neoconservative war propagandist David Frum) used the word “Axis” to evoke the memory of the Axis powers of World War II who fought against the Allied forces, of which the United States was a part. Western warmongers have an extensive history of comparing every war they want to fight to the second world war, framing whoever their Enemy of the Day happens to be as the new Adolf Hitler, whoever wants to fight him as the new Winston Churchill, and whoever opposes the war as the new Neville Chamberlain.

See the rest here

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People Can Win

Posted by M. C. on March 25, 2023

We’ve been trained to think that endless rule by tiny minorities of really horrible people is the natural order of things, but that turns out to be just another lie

This is what I choose to think, this weekend evening. We don’t have to concede to a future of always being at war somewhere abroad, and with each other at home. We don’t have to put up with a government that doesn’t tell us anything. Most of all, we can go back to enjoying life, on our own terms, without stressing over an endless succession of panics invented by politically insecure losers. We can do so much better, and we will, because this place is ours to run, a fact the singing censors should never have let us remember.

You gotta watch the video from our (former) government disinformation “expert”.

Matt Taibbi

Earlier today Susan Schmidt and I published an article about a series of changes at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a creepy sub-division of the Department of Homleand Security. It turns out that CISA, which just a week or so ago was busted for scrubbing embarrasing text from its website by the Foundation for Freedom Online, quietly eliminated its so-called “MDM” or “Misinformation, Disinformation, and Malinformation” subcommittee.

Just a year ago, the Department of Homeland Security was going all-in on the fight against “MDM.” The notion that America is fatally infected with “Misinformation, Disinformation, and Malinformation” was in fact the animating idea begind the asinine plan the Biden administration announced last April to institute a “Disinformation Governance Board,” which was to be headed by Nina Jankowicz, a self-styled Mary Poppins of digital rectitude:

America took one look at Jankowicz and at most a few fleeting moments considering the “Disinformation Governance Board” plan before concluding, correctly, that it was a beyond-loathsome expression of aristocratic arrogance that needed shutting down before the first Jankowicz presser. Characteristically, the press lied about the public reaction, claiming that the only displeasure was heard from the “GOP.” In fact, all sane people across the spectrum were instantly nauseated, their distress loud enough that the DHS hit “pause” on Jankowicz and the batty MinTruth plan after just three weeks.

Even that might not have been fast enough, as was discovered by my co-author Sue Schmidt, who’s formerly of the Washington Post but joined Racket this month for a special report a team of us are preparing on what fellow #TwitterFiles reporter Michael Shellenberger calls the “Censorship-Industrial Complex.” (More on that later). Looking through the minutes of CISA’s subcommittee meetings last year, Sue found that the DHS’s little team of self-appointed information guardians was deeply worried about the “rollout” of their war against MDM, worrying repeatedly about how to “socialize” or “pre-socialize” various parties to the idea of a federal truth squad, realizing that just presenting the actual plan to a sentient person without lots of sweeteners wouldn’t go well.

One subcommittee member, whose name in the spirit of our times is of course redacted, seemed to realize the concept was too hot to discuss in public. She “suggested removing mention of MDM” — this, from a member of the “MDM subcommittee”! — and “framing” the subcommitee’s efforts more in terms of “directing people to clear information about elections procedures.” Another member recommended CISA “point more to state officials and state laws to make the authoritative source of information less controversial. In other words: “Let’s make it sound like someone other than the hated us is running this thing!”

See the rest here

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Homeland Security Reorganizes, Appearing to Scrap Last Remnants of Ill-Fated “Disinformation Governance Board”

Posted by M. C. on March 25, 2023

After an ugly congressional hearing and months of bad press for censorship advocates, a Homeland Security advisory panel undergoes sweeping changes

Matt Taibbi and Susan Schmidt

The Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to present a less Orwellian exterior to the public took a big step forward this week, as it disbanded a key subcommittee linked to the Department’s ill-fated Disinformation Governance Board, announced last year and quickly “paused” amid public outcry.

Jen Easterly, head of the DHS’s cyber division — the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, or CISA — this week convened the agency’s influential Cybersecurity Advisory Committee (CSAC), which is made up of senior executives from organizations like Twitter, Amazon, and the Stanford Internet Observatory. The agency announced an expanded roster, adding 13 new members to CSAC, including chief cybersecurity officer for General Motors Kevin Tierney and Cathy Lanier, the chief security officer for the NFL. The full CSAC now contains 34 members.

However, amid the additions, CISA also shuffled responsibilities, making a key change. In particular, its “MDM” advisory subcommittee, for “Misinformation, Disinformation and Malinformation,” was scrapped.

The subcommittee’s leaders, including chairperson Kate Starbird of the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public (CIP), and Vijaya Gadde, a former top Twitter executive who was fired last year when Elon Musk took over the company, were shifted to other advisory roles.

A spokesman for the agency said the change appeared in an unpublicized summary of a Dec. 6 advisory board meeting. The summary provided to Racket states Easterly decided late last year that the subcommittee had fulfilled its tasks and would “stand down”:

But that notice appears to have only been posted on the agency website recently (the Wayback Machine captured a first image of it in late February). CISA’s unique approach to website maintenance has drawn attention of late. Last week, Mike Benz of the Foundation for Freedom Online reported that CISA scrubbed key sections of its web page about its campaign against “Misinformation, Disinformation, and Malinformation.” Crucially, the agency appeared to remove references to “domestic threat actors” as purveyors of “MDM.”

See the rest here

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