Opinion from a Libertarian ViewPoint


I have been writing letters to the editor of my local paper since high school. The limit is one submittal a month and the editing can be horrible. I needed another outlet, hence this blog. My goal is to save America one commentary at a time. I wish I could write like Pat Buchanan or Justin Raimondo but I can’t. Don’t expect silky prose. Do expect the occasional gaff. I look forward to comment. This is a one person deal. My outlook is basically Libertarian as is my party of choice. I don’t buy into open borders nor trade with countries that use slave, prison or child labor. I became aware of the Libertarian movement when I read an LP piece in the American Rifleman. The choices presented by the Bush-Dukakis campaign led me to embrace an alternative. My advice to get your head straight in a hurry is read anything by Murray Rothbard and Ron Paul. Itunes has a ton of free Rothbard and like-minded podcasts courtesy of and are my favorites for perspective on the day’s happenings.

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