Opinion from a Libertarian ViewPoint

Edukashun-DEA style

Posted by Martin C. Fox on July 30, 2011

Mary Sanchez recently had a column taking Michelle Bachmann to task which illustrates the thinking that has us sliding toward disaster. Bachmann rightly advocates shutting down the Department of Education.Sanchez twisted this into saying Bachmann advocates total elimination of public education, depending solely on private and home schools. That does not have to happen, but we should be rid of the department none the less. The U.S. became the world leader in most everything in less than 200 years, enabling us to rise and win World War II. How could that happen without a government agency to educate us? The Education Department only began with Jimmy Carter. It takes our hard earned money, dilutes it through the usual government inefficiencies and redistributes it through ineffective programs. The end result is an education system that slid on grease from the top rung of the ladder. The Fed’s first great accomplishment was the Great Depression and we are heading towards another. The equally aged DEA war on drugs has turned into war on the streets. The war on poverty is not doing so hot either. I think we should have a government war on education. If the battle losing pattern continues we all will be winners. People are starting to wake up about big government, judging by the popularity of Ron Paul and his Libertarian philosophy. His call to end the Fed and audit the Fed and gold supply at Fort Knox has that department scrambling. Hence Bernanke’s so-called press conference. I think I see a light in the tunnel.


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