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Congress-Bought and Paid For by AIPAC

Posted by Martin C. Fox on August 11, 2011

Alison Weir talks about the 81 congresspersons that are going on a paid propaganda trip to Israel and asks why you didn’t read about it the paper.  A refusal to participate means one may not be around in 2013.  Our government and press is AIPAC’s lapdog.  I first read “if you want to lose your job fast just question anything Israel does” when Carl Cameron told us about the Israel “Art Student” spies.  When we go to war with Iran you will have a pretty good idea whose idea it was.  Happy Reading


One Response to “Congress-Bought and Paid For by AIPAC”

  1. Ro said

    Junkets are part and parcel of the office. Have been for a long time. Should come under the heading of ‘payola’ but somehow it is all legal.
    We don’t need ‘representation’ in DC or on the state level either. What we need is a good website we can access and read in PLAIN ENGLISH and vote using a password/pin number. They don’t vote with OUR best interests in mind anyway! It’s all about power brokering, favoritism, and the rich keeping anything from trickling down.

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