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Hey Erie Times-Take off the desert rose colored glasses

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 27, 2011

Pat Cuneo had the human interest column in today’s Erie Time Viewpoint page.  He is really steamed over some Republicans “undermining the Obama administration’s peace efforts between Israel and Palestine”.  I just don’t know where to start. Pat, I hate to let you down but ninety nine per cent of Congress doesn’t do anything Israel doesn’t want.  Whatever the script currently being played out, the endgame will be straight from AIPAC’s playbook.  Congress has been bought and paid for  many times over.  The only “Patriotism” evident when it comes to Israeli is for AIPAC’s fat wallet.  We are in Benjamin Netanyahu’s back pocket according to his own words.
The last thing we are going to see from Israel is any effort towards peace.  Israel is not our friend.   Israel is the biggest cause of Middle Eastern unrest.  Constantly expanding settlements in potential Palestinian homelands is no way encourage peaceful two state resolution.  Neither is keeping Gaza on the brink of of starvation and collapse for years, with cruel inhumane treatment of its people to boot. Our unflinching support of Israeli atrocities is a big reason for 9/11 and hate for the US in general by most Middle Easterners.  Bin Ladens said so shortly after 9/11.  Our “Freedoms” are not a jihadist issue.  The Israeli settlers are so hard-core right-wing they make Netanyahu look liberal.    A deal struck with Palestine would cause revolution on the frontier.  Benjamin knows this. This paper better take off the rose-colored glasses and wake up about Israel.  Start looking at something besides wire service claptrap and neocon/liberal columnists.  They are all in the same shallow draft boat.


One Response to “Hey Erie Times-Take off the desert rose colored glasses”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    Historically brokered peaces never work. One side or the other must be thoroughly defeated and believe that they were. World War I is an example of a brokered peace and World War II is an example of the latter.

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