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George Will-Ron Paul is an Isolationist…Say What?

Posted by M. C. on December 8, 2011

George really through me for a loop when I read that in today’s Erie Times News.  There are few if any isolationist countries.  No one country is self-sufficient.  The only ones close are Korea and they are propped up by China and Miyanmar (also known as Burma).  By the way I live in Pennsylvania (also known as Penn’s Woods).   Interwar America Firster style isolationism is no longer feasible and probably never really was.  What George may really mean is Ron Paul would rather deal peaceably with others.  He does not believe the US is  the world’s police force and we do not need 200,000 soldiers in 170 other countries sacrificing themselves for the sake of our empire building government.  Paul would meet Iran, for example, in the marketplace rather than the battlefield.  A scenario that would be mutually beneficial.  Hardly isolationist.   So what gives Mr. Will?  The empire building philosophy we have been following for the last hundred plus years or so has resulted in a fine mess Ollie.  Newt, Bachmann and company promise the same only more so.  I’m betting on Ron Paul.

One Response to “George Will-Ron Paul is an Isolationist…Say What?”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    The word “isolationist” is supposed to be a scary and undesirable label to be avoided at all costs. You are right, there are virtually no countries that could truthfully be construed as isolationist. The Marshall Plan is an obsolete mutation of its original intent. The British Empire was a hideous and failed attempt at imperialism. Yet today the U.S. still clings to carrying the long burned out torches of both.

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