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Richard Cohen, like Michael Gerson, Fears Ron Paul

Posted by M. C. on January 7, 2012

I was about to visit Michael Gerson after his last tirade but that would get boring.  Gerson’s obedient regurgitating of the Neo-Con war party dogma gets boring fast.  Richard Cohen came to his rescue last week.  Here.  Cohen makes many accusations and I will try to intelligently respond where I can.

Cohen says RP would have let Nazi Germany take over Europe because he is “isolationist”.  There are some that believe that if the U.S. had not entered WWI there would have been a stalemate.  Therefore no Versailles Treaty that put the screws to Germany giving rise to economic disaster and the rise of Hitler.  Cohen fails to mention FDR goaded Japan into attacking us so he could justify going to Europe creating a two front war.  Germany did not want Great Britain. Hitler wanted to reclaim ancient German lands controlled by France, Poland and others.  Would Eastern Europe have come under Soviet control if Germany could have concentrated on defeating the USSR?  I have read more than once in my WWII histories where it was said that as bad as the Germans were, the Soviets were much more dreaded.

Paul opposes the UN and NATO.  The UN is great for getting people together to talk.  But the original intent, which is still valid, is to be the center of a borderless world state.  One world, George Soros inspired, corporatism.  A one world court with no “constitutional” rights.  Oddly, the UN’s own charter states it is not to meddle in the internal affairs of individual countries.  Yet the UN world court often violates its own rules.  Remember Kosovo?  Still in upheaval, by the way.  NATO was created to counter the defunct USSR.  NATO looks for crises to justify their existence.  The other problem with NATO is the member countries don’t support it.  You and I do.  Still, NATO ran out of munitions in Libya!  Some outfit!

Ron Paul wants to eliminate foreign aid.  So do a lot of us.  Foreign aid is a mechanism to control the recipient .  More often than not foreign aid is a coverup for payoffs to “the SOB, but our he’s our SOB!”.  The rest of the time it ends up wasted in some government inspired boondoggle.  AIDS prevention is the only program I know of that has been of any benefit to common folk.  To paraphrase George Will-be very afraid when you hear “we are from the US and we are here to help”.  Cohen’s other concern with eliminating foreign aid is that it would be detrimental to our good “friend”, Israel.  Fat chance of that happening with congress in AIPAC’s hip pocket.  Cohen is itching for the US to take out Iran saving Israel the trouble.   Paul points out we give much more in foreign aid and arms giveaways to Israel’s enemies.  Eliminating foreign aid would even things up for Israel.  So much for the antisemitism allegations.

Ron Paul wants to legalize drugs.  Drugs have been illegal beginning in 1913 or so.  The  failure of this “war”  needs no further discussion.

Back to “isolationist”.  Isolationism is a code word for not wanting to expand the Military-Industrial empire.  Afghanistan still has one foot in the stone age yet after 10 years we have made zero progress.  The military recently admitted that the effort to create a domestic security force has been a failure.    A topic of a past posting.  So what do we do for an encore?  We, along with Israel, agitate Iran. Their nuclear weapons program stopped years ago, according to the CIA’s own report.  The MIC-war party ignores that and publicizes a trumped-up IAEC report full of “it appears” and “there are indications”, but few facts.  Paul points out that Iran is many times larger than Afghanistan and Iraq and has more advanced technology.  If we can’t defeat a stone-age country, how many lives we will we waste in Iran.  We have been meddling in Iran since 1954.  It is no wonder they hate us!  Bin Laden came out soon after 9/11 and said the reason for the attacks was years of continuous US meddling and desecration in  the Middle East.  The US, a nuclear power, has belligerently surrounded Iran via Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  One shouldn’t blame them for wanting to even the odds.  If we hadn’t overthrown their government and weren’t in these places do you think Iran wold be so inclined to consider nuclear weapons?  Isolationism is an antiquated concept.  Only North Korea and Myanmar could be considered isolated.  The rest of the world is interconnected economically.  Paul prefers to embrace Iran peaceably on the economic battlefield.  A win-win battlefield.  When was the last time war was a net benefit to the U.S.?  When was the last time the U.S. won a real war?  Read at least last 4 paragraphs.  Paul wants to use the military for defense and not empire building.  It is not isolationist to expect industrial powerhouses Israel, South Korea, Germany and Japan to be responsible for their own defense.  One of the reasons they have developed to the extent they have is that they DO NOT HAVE TO PAY  a large part of their defense bill!  Again that burden falls to you and me.  Cohen wants to keep it that way.

2 Responses to “Richard Cohen, like Michael Gerson, Fears Ron Paul”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    You are absolutely right. Ron Paul wants us to be free of foreign entanglements. He must be insane. Oh, wait, isn’t insanity often said to be doing the same failed thing over and over but expecting a different out come?

  2. Mike Rowley said

    Gerson is just doing what he has to do. Repeat and expand upon the Zionist Neo-Con party line. This way he keeps his job which is sucking up to his masters. Oh I’m sure he believes what he writes. He like most people, have long ago given up any kind of independent thought. Cohen and Gerson and his ilk love to prattle on about why America had to enter WWII to keep a nation of 60 million from conquering and occupying the entire Globe. How that would be possible has’nt been explained to me as yet. But the dumb-downed sheeple accept this explanation without question

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