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Evernote, Other Handy Stuff and a Twitter Warning

Posted by Martin C. Fox on January 23, 2012

Quite often I run across interesting articles that I don’t print nor pdf for whatever reason. Evernote is an easy way to save text, URLs, photos, notes. Just hit highlight what you want to save and hit the Evernote elephant icon on the toolbar and that’s it. One can create directories for organization plus all the other usual amenities. No more aggravation from not being able to find what you run across an hour ago nor clogging up your browser bookmarks. Next time CNN or the military accidentally tells the truth you will have the info saved on Evernote by the time the offending material gets pulled from the web.

Portable Apps is cool too. FireFox. Eraserdrop, Foxit pdf reader, Keepass (storing all your passwords under one master password- for those frequent times when you just can’t remember), Open Office, Spybot, Thunderbird and other apps designed to be carried on CD or a thumb drive. Besides convenience, if one uses an App on a public or your friend’s computer there supposedly is no evidence of your activity left on the host computer.

Speaking of Thunderbird. It is handy for monitoring all your email addresses at once. SeaMonkey, the next generation of FireFox, has the ThunderBird function built-in. Just switch between browser and messages in the “window” pull down. You input your email addresses and passwords one time and you are good to go. The switch to SeaMonkey was pretty seamless, just remember to save your bookmarks.

All free!

Note to those using Whisper Systems encryption apps-Twitter has purchased Whisper Systems, so you can count on back doors for DHS snooping. I highly recommend and their list of recommended software sources-much of it free.

Oh what the heck, you have plenty of time-see for good, free software, too.


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