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How Our Government Takes CAIR

Posted by M. C. on October 22, 2012

Here is another way our government CAIRs for US.  Treating the lobby group Council on American Islamic Relations with kid gloves.  CAIR is the Muslim equivalent of Israel’s lobby AIPAC.  The book “Muslim Mafia” pummels the reader with page upon page describing how corrupt and anti-American this organization is.  The book continually pounds the reader with its portrayal of CAIR criminality and the administration’s whitewashing.  CAIR is so bad even the FBI bucks the administration and denounces it.  Though not loud enough so that the public might hear.  Must be PC!  Who was I talking about again?  AIPAC…no CAIR.  Sorry about my confusion.  They both consist of lairs and thieves.  The difference is AIPAC wants to use the US – funding their military, keeping quiet about their nuke technology and wanting the US to take out Iran for example.  CAIR wants to turn the US into a Muslim state.  I am not familiar with IPT and some of the  organizations mentioned in the link.  I would agree with the comment by Alejandro Beutel regarding FBI raids.

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