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Chris Dorner, Human Drones And Domestic Signature Strikes

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 12, 2013

The Mundanes looked like they might be bad so they must be guilty. Shoot first, make excuses later.  In a Middle East setting this is hailed as a successful “Signature Strike”.

Fugitive Chris Dorner felt he was wronged.  Dorner was separated from his LA cop job without due process, according to him.  Dorner violated the unwritten law.  He told on fellow officers who brutalized innocent until proven guilty suspects.   Dorner: a former military man trained to kill who then attended finishing school majoring in the arrogance and belligerence that all too often is the modern cop.  The LAPD is getting some of its own medicine, on nationwide TV.

The mindless slaughter of innocents for a dubious cause.  How did he develop his justification?   His experience in the military?

It is a wonder this doesn’t happen more often.  But then it does.  It is just that the VICTIMS are not cops.

See here and here.

Had Dorner been employed and his victims Mundanes the cop union would have all over the department.  It was a perilous or some such situation they would say.  Dorner would suffer paid time off and that would be that.  In Erie PA there was a recent incident where a lady cop crossed the street without (as I read between the lines) looking and was seriously injured.  A Mundane would have rated an ambulance, police cruiser and maybe a fire truck.  This event attracted half the cruisers in the department.  Certainly there would not be the media circus we are enduring had Dorner’s victims not been cops or their family members.  There would not be the capture effort by the police either.

Cops shot up the trucks of a 71-year-old lady delivering papers and another individual for the crime of the vehicle being similar to Dorner’s.  If the human drones had actually known how to shoot these poor souls would be merely collateral splat.  The cops were as (in)effective as a lying John Brennan sanctioned drone strike.  The intellectual input is the same.  The Mundanes looked like they might be bad so they must be guilty. Shoot first, make excuses later.  In a Middle East setting this is hailed as a successful “Signature Strike”.  Maybe the key to safety in LA is standing directly in front of the cop’s gun.

More conventional flying drones have been called into the manhunt.  I have seen no mention of whether they are armed.  Many drones being purchased by local military police are armed or have the capability.

When there is a manhunt for a cop killer (there wouldn’t be a manhunt otherwise) in your area be sure the killer isn’t driving a vehicle similar to yours.  It is too hard for the drone to see who is actually driving and it doesn’t matter for a Signature Strike.

The Wild, Wild Middle East…coming to your town soon.

Be seeing you


2 Responses to “Chris Dorner, Human Drones And Domestic Signature Strikes”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    We’re going to see more of this coming our way. The cops have have been instilled with an attitude that they can do as they will with impunity. If you’re rights get trampled, well so what? You are nothing MAGGOT. With police recruitment mostly from the ranks of returning psycho soldiers you better not forget you’re place. Dorner was’nt a problem for LAPD until he got confused as to who he was supposed to brutalize. LAPD had to execute him real quick. Could have been a real PR disaster in a courtroom setting.

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