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Through the Looking Glass

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 23, 2013

It won’t be long now.  You will be able to look at someone and know their name, address, whatever.  You will know what they are reading.  Nook and Kindle know in real-time now.  You will know where they have been.  Soon you may even know what the other person is thinking if the military has it way.

He will know he same about you.  So will the FBI, CIA, DHS, state police, local police, IRS, USPS, ATF, SEC, SS, UN, your employer……..

The internet is no longer an information web.  It is a surveillance web.  Like the man says here.

Use security based firewalls and products like Firefox and DuckDuckGo, use encryption.  Google, Facebook and Twitter are not your friends. They pipeline straight to Janet Napolitano.  She can read the email you sent before the intended recipient.

Beware of the Glass.


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