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Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 31, 2013

Marriage is a strictly religious concept.  It is not mentioned in the Constitution and the Federal government has no business addressing it.  Period.
There is only one Guy in charge of marriage and he resides in a higher place than Washington or Harrisburg.  Marriage is between you and the Big Guy’s local representative.
The only reason state and local governments got in on the marriage act is licensing.  Licensing as in taxing and control.  Control of who can do what and how much it will cost you.  It is what government is all about.
Government regulation, as it always does, has turned a beautiful thing like the concept a loving lifelong bond into ghastly spaghetti plate of costly regulation and now a supreme court case.
Civil unions are fine.  If you and your mate want to enter into a contractual relationship with an agreement on the legalities in life, great.  Go for it.
Unfortunately the problem with civil unions, like marriage, is government sees a regulation laden cash-cow there too.
Government knows best and is here to help.
Consider yourself warned.

Be seeing you


3 Responses to “DOMA is DUMBA”

  1. The sheep signed on long ago allowing the State licensing of Marriage.Once you start giving to a parasitic thug, aka Government, you’re going to have a hard time getting it out of you’re life. It’s always going to have it’s hand in your pocket.The gangster government bureaucrats will always want an ever larger piece of the pie.

  2. Doug Rowley said

    Money and manipulation. A few years ago my former employer demanded that all workers produce their marriage certificates in order to continue allowing their spouse on the medical coverage. Then, just a couple of years after that, gays were allowed on the insurance as dependents and all that had to be done was verify that they were in a “committed relationship..” What are we going to do when the saucer people show up and demand to be considered earthlings?

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