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NRA, Unions, Special Interests and Their PACS

Posted by M. C. on April 14, 2013

All PACS are not alike and the differences are important. Let us look at some of the more influential rogues.

PACS are not the most desirable of organizations but they do represent groups views. The government is literally Daddy WARbucks and everyone competes for their share of the taxpayers’ stolen dollars.

The NRA buys influence, at least that is what one hears from the lamestream media. You don’t hear that about the service employees union or the fraternal order of police. Sure, the NRA puts money in campaign coffers just like the service employees or the fop. The NRA doesn’t buy influence, they affect the vote. They publicize who does what. They shine the light and politicians, like the vampires they are, do not like the light. That makes Washington afraid of the voter, as it should be. I read there have been 70 million background checks since inauguration day. That is a big voting block, almost as big as government employees or welfare recipients.

The media wants us to think politicians are afraid of the NRA but they are really afraid of whom they represent. Voters.

Unions are a different story. This is where government, especially this administration, does the vote buying. The promises of higher minimum wages, more free (taxpayer and consumer paid for) benefits and more labor biased legislation buys votes and contributions.

Hollywood is a democratic/progressive cashcow. You don’t hear much about Hollywood sex, drugs and violence from Capital Hill nor the White House in reference to recent events.

One might think evermore complex laws such as the tax code and Obamacare are not a good thing. Bar associations and lawyers love more laws. They contribute heavily to Obama. The more complex the law, the better. It makes for good business. The tax code: otherwise known as the Accountant and Tax Lawyer Full Employment Act.

Government employees, sadly, nearly equal private employees in numbers. That is a big union. More and bigger (meaning expensive to the few who pay taxes) government programs equals more government employee job security. I don’t imagine many government employees vote Republican nor Libertarian.

The AMA and Big Pharma. These PACS are big and really scary. I can buy a 200 mph Lambo no questions asked if I have the scratch but must pay a doctor for prescription for effective cough syrup. Much goes on behind the curtain. The FDA does no testing. They use data supplied by drug companies to decide what goes on the market. We know nothing about why a procedure or drug is approved for the market, until something goes wrong. Here is where PAC money really means life or death.

Am I the only one that thinks something isn’t right when the side effect of an anti-depressant is suicidal thought?

There has been much discussion in the internet media of how normal, active kids are put on ADD drugs because they don’t “conform”. Indeed Sandy Hook saw an invasion of counselors and no doubt psychiatrists ready to drug up every elementary student deemed affected. Business is good these days.

When I read in the internet news about mass shootings the one word that crops up more and more is ZOLOFT. Washington gets paid not to read the side effects list.

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