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Obama: This is How We Count to (Agenda) 21- New Math UN Style

Posted by Martin C. Fox on August 25, 2013

HUD is starting a new affirmative action housing program.  Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.

Obama wants to “Fundamentally Transform” and create “Sustainable” Communities.

The spoken goal is to help people move to decent neighbourhoods and school districts whom otherwise would have difficulty doing so.

The unspoken goal is to increase dependency on government and control over how and where we live. It is for sustainability, it is for the children, it will stop 12 billion years of continuous climate change.  It is repeat of that great soviet experiment that failed in 1990, only worse.

The soviet experiment isn’t dead, it is evolving just like the Alien.

Like with most other government programs this will likely involve strong arming states and local governments.  Either you do what we tell you or you don’t get the money back that we stole from you to begin with.  The money is borrowed from government preferred sources and can only be spent where and how the government allows.

Do what we say or you get nothing.

Note the quoted terms above-Fair, Transform, Sustainable.  When you hear those words you know we are talking Agenda 21.

Other critics said one of the most important yet subtle elements of the administration’s plan is actually advancing “regionalism” — stopping suburban development using “regional” authorities while packing Americans into tiny apartments in “sustainable” mega-cities. Of course, following the deeply controversial vision laid out in the United Nations’ Agenda 21 sustainable development scheme, that trend is already accelerating across America and worldwide. Instead of decisions being made at the local level, meanwhile, authority will gradually gravitate toward unaccountable “regional” entities, another process that has been ramped up in recent years.

The purveyors of Agenda 21 say progress and sustainability will mean great changes in lifestyle.  It sure will.  You live where you are told, travel how, when and where you are allowed, eat what is deemed “best”.  The possibilities are endless, just like that chain that keeps all the rowers in place on the UN flagged prison ship.

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