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President Assad As George Zimmerman

Posted by Martin C. Fox on August 28, 2013

Like George Zimmerman, Bashir Al-Assad has been tried and convicted by Obama, Kerry, Biden and the ever obedient media.  The proof is merely the vacuous sound bites of government stooges.

But ask yourself what has Assad to gain by using poison gas.

He gasses a relatively small group of people, oddly just a few miles from a UN station and is the recipient of the world’s wrath.  What is the net gain?  Nothing.

As we have learned recently this administration has been reported by  Yahoo News to have a false flag gas attack plan ready.  We know the US enabled Saddam Hussein’s gas attacks on Iran.

Is it far-fetched to imagine we gave Al Qaeda laced rebels gas munitions to lob within a stone’s throw of a UN facility so the UN doesn’t have to travel to far get the “evidence”?

Why?  To get world acquiescence for yet another invasion of a country that neither invaded nor done the US harm.

The Military Industrial Complex and the War Party are at the foreign policy tiller as usual.

Syria has more going for it than Iraq or Afghanistan.  Syria has the backing of Russia and China.  If we can’t win in countries barely out of the stone age just think of the mess Syria will land us in.  War beginning with Syria can not end up well for the US.

Better talk to your representatives in Washington, for what they are worth.

Be seeing you


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