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Hagel’s Military Budget, More Change Than Cut

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 9, 2014

War secretary Chuck Hagel says he wants to cut 40 thousand troops. That has everyone crying the red, white and blues.

According to Ron Paul there will be no overall budget cut. The money just gets shifted elsewhere. Continuing the F-35 disaster for example. The military industrial complex isn’t going cold turkey.

So where is the money going?

Everything about war is changing, from soldier to victim.

There is the domestic war. CC cameras, traffic light and patrol car mounted cameras that record where you were, when, license plate and facial scans. Your email, internet searches down to the keystroke are ripe for the picking. Every government department from the DHS to post office is stocking ammo. Police departments look act and equipped like invading armies. If you are under the influence and don’t act just right or refuse to submit to an illegal search you are more and more likely to end up beaten near death or worse.

Now the other war. It is less mano a mano in the battlefield, more remote control and SWATlike. The military can track individual’s travels, internet and email activity. Drones launch missiles at any male, no matter the age, whether they are carrying a shovel or a gun. Small special forces groups are doing more of the prep work with conventional forces doing the cleanup and mundane killing.

It is more cost-effective, therefore allowing escalation, to use drones, electronic spying, small highly trained groups to invade a country. Like militarized police, Bradley Manning’s release of the Reuter’s reporter’s murder video shows us killing just because you can is not uncommon.

The distinctions between the domestic and overseas war are evaporating.

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