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Hey McCain, It is Not Just the Ukraine

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 25, 2014

It was Russian heritage, not Russian troops, that sent Serbia into Russia’s arms. They are ethnic Russians that have longed for the motherland. Eastern Ukraine wants in also. Western Ukraine not so much.

The prime mover of the recent split is US meddling. Our state department sent people in to rabble rouse against the democratically elected government. If one listens to Victoria Neuland’s F* the EU phone call one can hear her and her compadre discussing whom they want to install as Ukrainian President and VP. Neocon style democracy in action.

The area has been in Russia’s sphere of influence for hundreds of years and Putin wants to keep his warm weather port. Hence, the troops. Who can blame him? NATO expanded right up to his front door. The NATO that the US pays for. Remember when NATO ran out of ammo in Libya because the member nations hadn’t ponied up?

What would be the neocon reaction if the Eastern Block states expanded through the Caribbean?

When Russia agreed to dissolve the Soviet Union one of Reagan’s promises was that NATO would not be expanded eastward. That promise was broken by President Bubba and NATO has been ballooning larger ever since.

John McCain, playing the only record in his collection, says the answer is money and arms for Ukraine. I heard someone named “Louie” on Hannity saying the answer was re-installing ABMs in Poland.

There was an instance where Russian missiles were placed close to the US. The US didn’t care for that as I recall. Why would Russia? Oh right, I remember now, the other Clinton told us those missiles were to protect Poland from Middle East terror attacks!

Obama has been bloviating about how countries shouldn’t invade each other. Even when they are welcomed, apparently. What about Panama, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya to name a few. How about the covert invasions? Most notably Iran where the CIA overthrew the elected government to install our dictator. After twenty five years of misery Iran struck back. The Iran mess is all our own doing.

Iraq is an unusual case. Kuwait was thought by Iraq to be syphoning Iraq’s oil and pumping so much as to reduce prices. Hussein met with ambassador Glaspie and asked what the US would do if he invaded Kuwait. Not our problem according to Glaspie and James Baker. Hussein was played for sucker. Hey, it was OK to invade Iraq! Kuwait asked for our help after we told Hussein it was OK to invade them!

We are the US government, we are here to help.

France’s Sarkozy of all people said multiculturalism is a failure. Nationalism is on the rise. Ukraine is nothing but a sign of the times.

I think the rise in living standards and the internet’s free flow of information is encouraging people to break free of bonds imposed by others.

Separatism abounds in California, Vermont, Quebec, Scotland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the Balkans, eastern Europe and all the countries cobbled together by the winners of WW I where neighbour hates neighbour. These people are all feeling their oats and want out.

You can’t blame Putin for all that. Not that McCain and Graham won’t try. Let us end the nauseating hypocrisy and the meddling.

We have no dog in Ukraine’s fight. Let Europe handle Europe’s problems.

Let us get out of entangling treaties before we end up going to war over something as worthless as a few desolate rocks in the Taiwan Strait.

Be seeing you


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