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(Drug) War Is Nothing But A Heart-breaker, Colorado and California(!) Offer Hope

Posted by M. C. on December 2, 2014

One hundred years ago this month the Harrison Narcotics Act was passed banning cocaine and opiates. That is before alcohol prohibition. You would have thought by now we would have learned. It only took from 1920 to 1933 to figure out alcohol prohibition wasn’t working and was too deadly.

The drug war has put hundreds of thousand behind bars for victimless crime and has generated a fair share of victims also.

Mexico, corrupt enough without our help, is on the verge of complete collapse due to drug cartels. Bribing police, employing police, killing rival gang members, killing innocent civilians and of late kidnapping students and executing them for reasons known only to the corrupt government employed killers.

Speaking of killing there is the US government. The patriot act is used as much to obtain drug arrests than for terrorism, if not more so. Look at our loss of rights, loss of privacy, forfeiture laws that allow police to confiscate money and property by just stating it was obtained by way of illegal drug activity. Oh, and the largest per capita prison population on the planet.

Here is more on why the drug war has not been such a good thing.

Too many people don’t want drug legalization. Too much power will be lost. Overbearing Progressive government and it’s militarized police will be shown up for what they are. A failure. Not that failure isn’t already obvious to those who choose to see.

Just this week NPR has been telling us how the marijuana growing business in Mexico has hit the skids. The reason: competition from legal sales in Colorado and California.

Like paper and rock, the free market beats government every time.

Be seeing you

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