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When A Politician Has A Movement

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 22, 2015

Pet peeve

I was reading somewhere about someone that had moved to the center prematurely.  The point was this person had not sufficiently endeared their base before moving toward center.

This person lied to his base and then prematurely lied to the rest of us.

The latest example of this is Bibi Netanyahu.  He tells his US sock puppets he wants a two state solution.  He told his base, no “Palestine for you” when his poll numbers were down.  Now Bibi spouts weasel words about their being a Palestine when the circumstances are right.

Netanyahu has a lot of movements.

Hillary has her own variant on this tactic. Her position on driver licenses for illegals, her favorite baseball team(s) and where she last dodged a fire-fight/bombing change with each town she passes through.

Be seeing you.


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