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Jade Helm and Martial Law

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 28, 2015

Operation Jade Helm-Mastering The Human Domain is a military training exercise that will take place in several Western cities this summer. Supposedly this is training for operation in foreign cities. One wonders why this would be necessary as we have been decimating Middle Eastern cities on a massive scale for decades.

For years now, our veterans, Christians, patriots, gun owners, constitutionalists, pro-life advocates, small government supporters, small businesses, real journalists in the press, anti-corruption activists, anti-UN Agenda 21 advocates, anti-global warming supporters, anti-war patriots, anti-criminal immigration supporters, have all been targeted by this administration as enemies of the United States, even within government documents. Are we supposed to trust that they have pure intentions now?

When has there ever been a training exercise of this size,scope and number of agencies amongst the public? Why now?

And just when are they planning on taking LEO’s, DHS, FBI, and other “Inter-agency Partners” to go overseas at a moments notice? Does that even sound plausible?

No, it does not

The government has been a failure abroad and fears losing it’s power at home. Preppers, 1% protesters, anti-interventionists and massive demonstrations that are undoubtedly expected when the next economic bubble bursts has Washington preparing to implement martial law.

Remember the barbed wire FEMA camps and the massive ammunition stockpiling by every federal agency higher than dog catcher?

The Houston Chronicle reports that, among the planned exercises, soldiers will attempt to operate undetected among civilian populations.

Residents, in turn, will be asked to report suspicious activity in order to gauge the effectiveness of the soldiers.

This is like critiquing a person’s marksmanship before you face them in a firing squad.

Every governor, mayor, policeman and citizen that participates in this exercise is a gutless traitor.

The soldiers that participate have to know that one day they will ordered to fire on their fellow countrymen. Don’t rely on a soldiers conscience. Once the first one that refuses to kill is shot the rest will do as they are told.

Anyone considering the service should assume they may have to kill their neighbor. Remember that during the next flyover you see at a NASCAR race or bowl game.

When your are busy building an empire you can’t afford any nuisances at home.

Be seeing you


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