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Greek Bailout-Who Gets Stuck Holding The Bag?

Posted by M. C. on June 26, 2015

Greece’s socialist government with its tourism based economy (ie no economy) won’t let it’s 55-year-old retirees give up their full benefits.  The is the Cloward-Piven Strategy at work.  Get them everything no matter the cost.  When it all collapses, everyone ends up dependent on the (Euro) government to survive.

But I digress, who will take it on the chin when Greece declares bankruptcy?

Those with savings who haven’t already gotten their money out of the banks.  Haircut time ala Cyprus.

Greek banks?  Maybe to an extent.  The Euro presses will take care of them.

The EU?  They will probably cave in and print more Euros.  They can’t do much else.  The Greek pinkos won’t budge.

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley?  No way.  Speaking of that…

Who printed TRILLIONS of dollars to bail out European banks and European branches of American banks after the last Fed generated collapse?

Who will likely print billions of dollars this time to buy Euros to prop up US banks and crony corporations?

Yes, good old Uncle Sam.  You and I will be paying the tab.  Both in cash and by way of the hidden tax that is inflation.

See Ron Paul’s take.

Be seeing you

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