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Dylann Roof – Blame The Confederate Flag For Our Failures

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 28, 2015

It is just so easy. A white person kills innocent black people and the confederate flag and red neck rubes in general get the flack. What if Dylann Roof had been standing with the stars and stripes? Speaking of which…

No one mentions the sixty years prior to the civil war that the stars and stripes condoned slavery. Nor the genocide of native Americans that came after.

So what is complicit in producing this tragedy?

Johnson’s war on poverty that started perpetual welfare and is still destroying families white and black.

The war on drugs that works hand in glove with the war on poverty to fill prisons.

Government schools that pour out illiterates.

Minimum wage laws that keep uneducated, unskilled youth out of honest work.

Here is the progressive’s/racebaiters choice: blame something, anything rather than admit what they have advocated and believed for a lifetime is a false.

Roof, victim of all the above blames blacks for his troubles, progressives scapegoat a flag.

What about the suboxone Roof was taking?

Be seeing you.


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