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Bibi Netanyahu’s Worst Nightmare Is Coming True

Posted by M. C. on January 17, 2016

Iran is divesting themselves of nuclear material and centrifuges. Our national intelligence estimates have told us Iran has not been working towards nuclear weapons since 2003 or so. Iran is following all the rules. They are getting their money back and sanctions lifted.

As we have mentioned in the past The Haaretz reported Bibi Netanyahu as telling the Knesset that his fear wasn’t that Iran would not meet disarmament requirements but that they would. Uh oh!

Poor, nasty Iran. They have the gall not to be thankful the US overthrew their government and installed a brutal dictator. The same Iran that has not attacked any country in anyones memory. The same Iran that has the audacity to fight the same Al Qaida/ISIS as US and win.

Netanyahu, McCain, Trump, Cruz they all except, maybe, Trump (we will find out) are all in Israel’s pocket. Israel firsters.

If Iran is playing a game they are playing it smart, unlike US.

Will Iran continue to fight the good fight while we continue to arm all sides? Will the aforementioned stooges continue to shill for big oil and military industrial complex?

Some Shia victories could make a difference. However this turns out it will be interesting.

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4 Responses to “Bibi Netanyahu’s Worst Nightmare Is Coming True”

  1. Obama’s treatment of Israel is virtually unrivalled.

    • Obama has the right idea. I am tired of our political ‘leaders’ licking Israel’s boots.

      • I would say that I understand some of the criticisms of Israel, it is far from perfect. But when the alternatives are Hamas and hezbullah, standing by Israel is a good move.

      • I have written previously about the Liberty, Israel being the most pervasive US spy, keeping Gaza on the edge of starvation (much like a Jewish ghetto in Poland), settlement expansion, the creation of Hamas as a regional destabilizing force (think the US and Mujaheddin). I say Israel is a bigger threat to Middle East Peace than Al Qaida only because Israel has been at it longer.
        Nice website by the way. I have been to Cygnet and Hobart. Beautiful place and great people except for Julia Gillard. The carbon tax was nuts, like tying a ball and chain to your economy.

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