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Gladio, Synthetic Fear

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 24, 2016

I have just started reading Gladio-NATOs Dagger at the Heart of Europe by Richard Cottrel. The author uses an interesting, new to me term.

Underground organizations were organized in WW II to sabotage German war efforts. These groups had weapons and materials cached throughout Europe to facilitate their efforts. The French underground made famous to us in WW II movies would be one.

After the war these groups were not disbanded but sustained by the CIA and others to thwart any socialist or communist uprisings. Gladio was the name of the Italian operation but has come to represent all such organizations. Just as ‘Kleenex’ has come to mean ‘tissue’.

Like what the stillborn Operation North Woods in the USA wanted to be, Gladio committed false flag assassinations and bombings then blamed it on the enemy du jour. Red Brigade and Bader Meinhof for example. Add a compliant media and we get what some call ‘directed history’. The assassination of Sweden’s Socialist Olaf Palme and Italy’s Aldo Moro who wanted to include Socialists concerns in his governance are two of Gladio’s more noteworthy deeds.

NATO is the US’ paid for proxy in Europe. NATO’s official reason to exist self-destructed in 1989. US world hegemony demands a new reasons to justify NATO’s existence. That particular foreign policy agenda includes copious amounts of Synthetic Fear.

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