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Don’t Fall For The Lies About Going Cashless

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 25, 2016

You can’t withdraw digital money and stuff it under the mattress.

Stopping terrorists, drug dealers and of course making our lives simpler and easier. Those are the reasons for going cashless.

Like Jason Ditz says here not long ago Bitcoin was the bogeyman. Big time dealers and terrorists are quite adaptable. They would adapt to other currencies or methods of payment with ease I am sure.

If we were serious about putting a monkey wrench in the drug machine we would eliminate the CIA. Much funding for their schemes has come from drug transactions. It is thought crack was first introduced to LA through enabling Central and South American dealers as part of Iran/Contra funding.

Then again maybe not, I remember someone who said he would smash the CIA into a thousand pieces. His brains ended up scattered all over his wife.

Hundreds of millions of US dollars were sent to Afghanistan in shrink wrapped pallets. Hamid Kharzai’s ample pocket was one recipient. His brother, an accomplished drug lord, and ran a large trucking operation for the US military that paid US taxpayer supplied bribes to the Taliban for unfettered passage.

Hundred$ of million$ if not billion$ have disappeared in the Middle East. The US government along with ‘friends’ Saudi Arabia and Qatar are likely the world’s biggest drug and terror enablers. I am guessing the US dollar is their currency of choice.

Drugs and terror are not the issue. Your money is.

There are two reasons the world’s bankrupt governments, that is most, want to go cashless. Tracking your every move and purchase. Stealing your money. Savings, 401K, trust funds, equity, dividends, any financial tool. It will be open season. You can’t withdraw digital money and stuff it under the mattress.

When I started out you kept a savings account. The bank used your money to make money and gave back part of the profit for the privilege of using your money. The Fed and the rest of the world’s money printers have made things so bad that we will be forced to pay banks/government digital storage fees and taxes. Instead of interest we will get haircuts.

The Cyprus cut. It is very short.

Be seeing you


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