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Reports Of Republican Death Are Premature

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 26, 2016

Many like Philip Giraldi and Pat Buchanan are predicting the death or regeneration of the Republican party/Conservative movement due to the efforts of Donald Trump. Here for example.

I don’t see it.

Trump talks about a lot of things. Immigration-building a wall. Lost jobs-bring factory work back home/punishing those who send work off-shore. Military expenditure-eliminating NATO/bring troops back from developed countries or making them pay for our presence. Iraq-a mistake. Russia-let it do some heavy lifting and work with Putin. Run this country like a business.

Lacking a knockout Libertarian candidate I will vote for the Donald. I even signed up for Walter Blocks Libertarians for Trump campaign. If you don’t know Walter Block crank up youtube and fix that problem.

The Donald is the only candidate that may, possibly, as of today, not want to carpet bomb the Middle East, start WW III with Russia, not commit US lives and taxpayers dollars to policing the world, treat Russia and Putin as a partner and let them take care of their own back yard and actually run this country sensibly.

This is what has sold me.

Back to Republican death.

Trump appears to have quite a following, but why? It is not about most of the above mentioned issues. From my limited vantage point his popularity is all about shutting down US owned overseas factories and the perception of losing domestic jobs to immigrants.

What drives the Trumps haters? Do they have the slightest concept of NATO? Do they know or care we have troops stationed in 700 overseas bases? Do they know what hegemony is? Do they recognize neocons could start WW III by antagonizing Russia and China. Would they even consider having Russia as a military or trading partner as a good thing? No. It is all about his stupid remarks about women and some ethnic groups.

I have brought up these points in discussion and the universal reaction is stupified silence or at best barely audible grumbling.

Most of the few who vote are intellectually lazy and low information. Their brains waves have just enough bandwidth for Brian Williams or Fox News.

Republicans (and Democrats) are safe as there is no significant alternative intellectual base from which to draw. Libertarians have too little momentum and won’t be allowed to get too much. The warfare/welfare party will have no problem keeping things well in hand. The Trump effect, should he win, will be made short lived. Worst comes to worse there is always the final solution. Think Gladio.

There will never be a shortage of perils, foreign and otherwise, from which the neocons must safeguard the naïve, malleable public. The deep state will see to that.

Be seeing you


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