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Roger Dodger Uber and Out

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 15, 2016

I was listening to a snippet of a discussion about Uber on CBC radio 1.

The general tone was that Uber would be OK if there was more government regulation. Government over regulation was why Uber got started to begin with but this was Canadians on a Canadian government radio station.

You have to feel for little guy taxi drivers. They played by the rules, such as they are, and real free market economics is giving them a bad deal. If the taxi biz was on the up and up to begin with this would not be a problem.

It is like the beer business in Pennsylvania. We have beer distributors thanks to the scum in Harrisburg. We are only just starting to get six-pack stores and beer sales in grocery stores. Only recently have we been able to buy a 12 pack of beer. Of course after the bill passed cases of twenty-four could not be split into 12 packs. We had to wait for factory 12 packs. Consumers are finally getting a decent deal but beer distributors that followed government mandates are dying a death of 1000 cuts.

The purpose of taxi medallions was to limit the number taxi companies and to limit them to whomever could fork over the big bucks. Just like liquor control board licenses in PA.

Some of comments against Uber were:

You need someone who could handle an emergency, like ‘real’ taxi drivers. The statement was made that taxi drivers couldn’t be expected to perform emergency procedures so what was the point? Knowing the quickest route to a hospital?  The caller was struggling to justify is position.

UK taxi drivers supposedly have four years of training! It takes four years to get a physics degree. It takes far less time to become a certified government police or military killing machine. Either UK people are really dumb or it’s taxi business is as crooked as it is in NYC. Four years of taxi driver training sounded good to the Canadian government radio commentator and her government radio indoctrinated caller.

When the free market raises its ugly head businesses and government panic. This tells me a free market is not that common.


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