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Islam, Jihad, The Religion of Peace in Spain – The PC Lies Are Exposed

Posted by M. C. on May 31, 2016

Trying to find a knowledgeable source on Islam? Not easy is it?

I noticed an ad on the back page of Chronicles magazine regarding a talk to given by Dario Fernandez-Morera at the Rockford Institute on Islam and his new book The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise-Muslims Christians and Jews under Islamic Rule in Medieval Spain. If I had more vacation time available I would have gone. I bought the book instead.

The author begins with caveats, one being that his research and presentation deal only with the Islam of medieval times roughly 750 to 1250 AD. The last vestiges Islamic influence leaving Spain in 1492. One is left to their own conclusions regarding any carryover of the Islamic paradise into modern times.

Chapters and subsections generally begin with a quote from an academic describing various forms of supposed Islamic nirvana. The author then presents a rebuttal based on the writings of Islamic and infidel historians of the time. Archaeological evidence is presented that often refutes the politically correct story.

Andalusian Jihadists were supposedly quite tolerant of other cultures and created a climate of peace, love, harmony and cultural renaissance. Rainbows and unicorns. Today’s apologists claim jihad is not about war but is more akin to missionary work. Wrong then, wrong now.

One claim is the Islamic expansion from Arabia to Spain was result of natural expansion of Islamic population. The fact is this expansion was aggressive, took a relatively few years and began soon after the genesis of Islam. Think of the natural expansion of the US through Indian land.

The cultures in the path the Islamic expansion from Arabia through northern Africa to Spain were crushed. The archaeologists have discovered a cultural graveyard in the wake of jihad from Arabia through Africa to Spain. Whole cities were destroyed culturally and biologically. Those that survived were enslaved. Muslims are among history’s greatest slavers.

Sexual slavery was prolific. Recall the recent incident where an American soldier was disciplined for freeing an Iraqi Muslim leader’s male-child sexual slave.

Those that chose not to fight and were fortunate not to be enslaved were given a choice. Convert to Islam, keep your religion and pay a hefty tax forever or lose your head. Sounds like Vietnam, ‘we have come to change your hearts and minds….or we will burn your village’. The religious tax was designed to humiliate and physiologically control the infidel. Names of conquered towns and churches were immediately changed to separate the infidel from his past and change hearts and minds. Some who chose to pay the tax were often allowed their houses of worship but they were relegated to back alleys. No outward evidence of their existence, let alone celebration, was allowed.

Those that managed to flee Spain in one piece took what religious artifacts they could into Europe to avoid destruction. Mosques were built over churches and synagogues frequently integrating existing architecture. The Muslims had little or nothing to add to “culture”. What was not of use in a military or governmental way was destroyed. Art, literature or, Allah forbid, music were alien and not tolerated.

Muslim construction was inferior to the Greek-Roman-Visigoth sophistication and beauty that came before.

Andalusian Jews and Christians were hard on their own…must have been the hot climate. Failure to follow the straight and narrow could result in harsh punishment. Literally losing life or limb. But this was within Jewish and Christian populations. No one told the Muslims what to do except Muslims.

Multiculturalism in Andalusian Spain? Not hardly.

A couple hundred pages of references back up this revisionist history. The works of many ancient Spanish and Islamic historians help tell the story. A comment is made early on that many quality resources are available only in Spanish. There exists a seeming treasure of history available to those fluent in the language.

The author takes us through all aspects of Andalusian life. Much is unpleasantly familiar. Islam does not appear to be the religion of peace some claim.

I can hardly do justice to this offering. I encourage you to judge for yourself.

Be seeing you


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