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Why I Am Voting For Donald Trump And Not A Third Obama Administration

Posted by Martin C. Fox on August 15, 2016

As the USSR collapsed, part of Mikhail Gorbachev’s agreement to dissolve the Warsaw Pact hinged upon the US pledge not to enlarge NATO. Thanks to Clinton I, Bush II and Obama NATO is up to Russia’s border.

Obama’s trillion dollar nuclear upgrade plan is an in-your-Russian-face challenge. New adjustable yield nukes are being touted as a way to make nuclear first strikes acceptable. Advanced nukes, anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe and sailing warships up to Russian shores are a directive- Do what you are told or prepare to glow in the dark.

Russia and China for some strange reason resist being part of this plan. They want to be the main player in their own neighborhoods. What gall!

Wall Street Hillary is the neocons high priestess of ‘Boss of the world at any cost’ theology.

Kosovo, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan: War is the only ‘diplomatic’ tool Clinton knows. War machine money green is the only color she knows.

Fred Reed said this ‘There are three kinds of stupid-Stupid, really-really stupid and war with Russia’.

Donald Trump acknowledges Russia is an effective partner in fighting ISIS. Trump says Russia could be a friend and trading partner. Then there is ‘the thing that is not said’, Russia as an ally in counterbalancing China.

The US is better off with Russia as friend than enemy. How can one argue? Russia is no great threat militarily or economically to the US. Yes, they have nukes but they are not in our class. Russia knows it would be turned to glass following an unlikely first strike. The days of Soviet satellite nations are over. They were no bed of roses. Putin has enough on his plate just making Russia viable. He doesn’t need wars nor Poland’s nor Hungary’s problems.

The Donald and Ron Paul might agree in this: the place to meet Russia is in the marketplace not the battlefield. A win-win for all.

Our choice: a third Obama Administration’s war with Russia or not. All other issues pale in comparison.

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2 Responses to “Why I Am Voting For Donald Trump And Not A Third Obama Administration”

  1. Robert Cogan said

    I think it is hasty to conclude one should vote for Trump on this basis. Read some of the really scary information coming out about TRump in biographies like the new David Cay Johnson’s “The Making of Donald Trump.” A narcissist is so eager for approval of those he regards as equals (TRump, for Putin’s Bromance) that he is easily manipulable by the one he hopes will praise him. After Reagan used the Mujaheddin to kick the Soviets out of Afghanistan who should show up there to try to take it over? -Why it’s US!. 15 years later, we’re stuck there and the Taliban are still there too. What’s to prevent Putin now from manipulating Trump into what should by now be known fatality: a land war in Asia against China by proxy? Better read more about Trump.

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