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Going Cashierless On The Left Coast

Posted by Martin C. Fox on December 5, 2016

Amazon is opening a brick and mortar store in their home town Seattle.

If you have the Amazon Go app all you need to do is walk in and walk out with your stuff.  All your activities are tracked and your account is billed automatically.  Your privacy is toast but you would only know that if you were a deplorable.

Are there deplorables in Seattle?  Probably a few but not enough to annoy the rest of the Amazon customer base.  Yes, I digress.

Yah but no cashier jobs…isn’t Seattle the land of the $15~20 minimum wage?  How is that workin’ for ya?

Maybe when the lattes at Starbucks are served by robots someone might wake up but unfortunately the alarm went off a while ago.

I won’t hold my breath for a left coast Amazon boycott.

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