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It’s The Government Martha

Posted by Martin C. Fox on December 30, 2016

Today I had a silly exchange with a commenter on Aussieconservative who didn’t care for my opinion of Benjamin Netanyahu nor the Israeli government. While making up things I said and he said I was accused of anti-semitism. I sarcastically accused this person of being an Israeli troll.

I give myself too much credit in that respect.  I am more concerned with my own government than the Aussie equivalent of AIPAC. Which cleverly leads us to my point.

I believe those criticizing say Israel, Germany, the US et al speak of governments, not the mundane citizen.

It is government and it’s lapdog media that convince young people invading countries on the other side of the planet that have not attacked US or droning wedding parties protects our freedom at home.

When is the last time the MSM allowed Seymour Hersch to be heard?

It is government that protects Saudi 9/11 attackers, created false flag attacks in the Gulf of Tonkin, opens immigrant flood gates that result in mass rape, no-go zones where police are driven off, Muslim mayors in Western capital cities and nightclub atrocities.  Surf for CIA assassinations and government coups (think Iran and Ukraine) then prepare to be amazed with what you find.

Criticism of the current US administration results in government/media accusations of racism. Wanting to engage Russia in the marketplace and promote friendship results in being called Putin’s puppet. Want peace instead of war? You are an isolationist. How can a top 3 in world trade country be isolationist?

If mundanes are guilty of anything it is allowing themselves to be deluded by lying governments and lying main stream media. Sheeple. How many still think Iraq and Afghanistan had anything to do with 9/11 and WMDs?

Only governments could have created this mess.

Religion…  It is funny we never hear of Buddhist acid tossing, be-headings nor nightclub killing sprees.

Be seeing you



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