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Trump the Disruptor by —

Posted by Martin C. Fox on January 18, 2017

America first for a change. That means you.


One Response to “Trump the Disruptor by —”

  1. codeinfig said

    im actually anti-war. if you commit war crimes, i wont re-elect you. my useless hypocritical sign-holding so-called “anti-war” friends will always vote for the lesser of two war criminals. thats not anti-war. their signs mean nothing. their cause means nothing.

    please, please, please tell me who the anti-war candidate was. was it jill stein? because i was protesting the iraq invasion before hillary even voted for it, before bush announced it, and before obama moved it back to afghanistan. im soooo tired of “anti-war activists”– they do nothing. they stand for nothing. they are worth, nothing. show me evidence to the contrary– im not even asking for “proof.”

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