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Baylor Students Petition for Sanctuary Campus Status, Uh oh, Snowflakes in Texas!

Posted by M. C. Fox on February 13, 2017

A handful of graduate students from the religion department petitioned to defy federal and state laws to provide a safe haven to students, faculty, and community members living in the United States illegally.

Signees vow to create an office for non-citizen students and increase on-campus services like free legal counsel and financial aid for illegal immigrant students, plus allocate funds to assist with the financial and legal repercussions of any federal immigration policy changes. They charge Baylor to take “a leading advocacy role among Christian universities” and partner with others “to defend the dignity and rights of non-citizens” through the continuation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), implemented by President Obama in 2012 via executive order.

The petition calls for implementing a scholarship program that gives “special preference” to “displaced students” from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, the seven terror-ridden travel-banned nations named in President Trump’s recent executive order now on hold. Petitioners want Baylor to publicly embrace “refugees, migrants, and religious and racial/ethnic minorities.”

Hey Baylor

And who pays for all this Free Stuff? I don’t want to.

Instead of making taxpayers who value their country pay how about raising your tuition?

Let me know how that works for you.

Be seeing you



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