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McConnell: Tax reform unlikely by August

Posted by M. C. Fox on March 9, 2017


I imagine McConnell is not too keen tax reform. That would be pressing ahead with President Trump’s agenda.

Mitch is a good ol’ boy and doesn’t care for boat rockers like The Donald.

How are the republicrats expected to pay for their wars and keep the crony banksters (post Congress employers) happy without taxes?  The printing press can only run so fast.

Real tax reform, actually reducing the number of pages-not adding, is too far outside McConnell’s and most of Congress’ tiny box.

They will talk about it for a while, possibly do something that does nothing, then quietly stop.  After a while someone will bring it up and the cycle repeats.

Every once in a while Congress will claim simplification by adding a few thousand pages that mostly benefit the Military Industrial Congressional Banking Complex. The sheeple will grunt happily.  Few will understand why their paycheck continues to buy less and less.

The ideal, Ron Paul approved tax code would only be about 20 pages long.  Slightly longer than the ideal foreign trade policy.

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