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PA Governor Wolf: Pay Up You Freeloaders!

Posted by M. C. Fox on March 12, 2017

Our innovative PA Governor Wolf wants freeloading households to pay their share for state police protection by, surprise, adding a tax!

Guess what Guv, we already pay for state police. We pay state income tax. But wait, we pay again by having gas tax revenue diverted to police coffers while suffering unkempt roads and vehicle wear and tear. Municipalities that provide their own police are forced to pay yet again.

Some of us already pay three times for police protection.

Is the government really this ignorant of basic economics? Likely. How dumb does Governor Wolf think we are? Pretty dumb. The state (literally) counts on that.

The higher up the law enforcement food chain the less law enforcement is accountable to or cares for us, the unwashed.

Here is a thought, reroute our existing law enforcement tax payments to empower our local county sheriff departments. It keeps those novel concepts of responsibility and accountability local. Unless you are Allegheny County, Dauphin county or Philadelphia, Harrisburg’s power and control structure couldn’t care less. Ask the Erie school district.

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