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Imperial Murder in the Levant – LewRockwell

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 13, 2017

Why Raqqa was not taken a year ago or more remains one of the war’s major mysteries.  As I’ve previously written, I suspect that the US and Saudi Arabia originally helped create and arm ISIS to be used against Syria’s government and Afghanistan’s Taliban movement.   The US has long pretended to fight ISIS but has barely done so in reality.

History shows it’s also easy to lie, flag-wave and bluster into war but awfully hard to get out.  Trump, whose main information sources appears to be Fox fake TV news, does yet seem to understand this verity.   He should have a good look at Afghanistan, America’s longest war, now in its 16th year of stalemate.   The Pentagon, heedless that Afghanistan is known as ‘the Graveyard of Empires,’ wants more troops.

Trump said he wanted US out. The CIA and the Pentagon along with Fox News seem to be perveyors of Fake News. Trump is buying their baloney.

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