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Trump Budget: ‘Eliminate Funding’ For Public Radio, TV, and Arts Give-aways

Posted by M. C. Fox on March 17, 2017

I am all for ending the giveaways but what is this nonsense about rebuilding the military?  That is like using taxpayer money to rebuild the mafia.  Which we likely do occasionally depending on what needs done.

We spend more on our military than most of the world put together now. 

How about ending self perpetuating war, boondoggles like the F35, Osprey and that new $100 million a piece Marine helicopter?  Eliminate the 700 foreign military outposts.  We have 12 carriers.  I think Russia and China each have a second hand carrier.  China is specializing in carrier killer missiles thanks to our provocations in their neighborhood. The (getting) short(er) range F-35 requires carriers to get closer to the target.

You have to understand the creatures we are dealing with in Washington.  When the military’s whores (congress) propose a 5% budget increase and  they only get 3%, the media is told to call that a budget cut.

Marine general Smedley Butler called it when he said “War Is A Racket”.

It is time to rebuild taxpayers and domestic entrepreneurs wallets.

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