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US Will Keep Ground Troops in Libya — News from

Posted by M. C. on March 26, 2017

With the Mattis’ announcement that US troops will essentially be in Iraq permanently how can the sheeple not realize the US is not freeing anyone but making the ME a US colony.

No doubt we will pay Saudi Arabia to property manage what the US does not directly control. They managed clean house rather well at the World Trade Center.

If you think the ME hates the US now just wait until they endure never ending US “help”.

The Middle East has become worse every day since the US went in to save Kuwait. The plan then of course was to place our big thumb on Iraq, not to save anyone except perhaps Exxon and Mobile.

Perpetual failure keeps the MIC going. The sheeple blindly follow along. They eat the slop the government and presstitute media feeds them.

Never ending $war$, an explosion of world wide terrorism and yet greater flow of refugees into Europe, the US, AU and elsewhere. That is the future.

Christianity is the victim whose name cannot be spoken. Even in the country of our faithful friend, apartheid Israel. The number of Christians left in Kosovo after Clinton’s liberation is…There are none.

Western culture and Christianity has received a death sentence.

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