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Samsung Regains It’s Voice And The CIA Is Listening

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 29, 2017

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 on Wednesday, its latest flagship smartphone boasting a new voice assistant and larger display as the technology titan looks to steal a march on Apple and regain ground after the embarrassing Note 7 saga.

Samsung also revealed Bixby, a smart voice assistant to rival Apple’s Siri. It will be able to answer questions you ask, but Samsung highlighted how it’s different.

It is different because thanks to Wikileaks Vault 7 release we know Samsung products are the CIA’s playthings.

This begs the question-who was Bixby designed to benefit?  CIA eavesdroppers or the sheeple that haven’t a clue/don’t care that phone calls, texts and search requests arrive at Langley VA before the intended recipient.

I’m sure not buying any Samsung products.  What I do buy sports a lot of black tape.

The problem is what isn’t sent to Langley via Samsung gets there via Verizon, AT & T and the CIA’s “Prism“. You can’t win for losing.

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