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New ESPN guidelines recognize connection between sports, politics

Posted by M. C. on April 4, 2017

They had better do something, their ratings are not the greatest.

Rush Limbaugh sure found out about ESPN guidelines when he voiced a commonly held opinion about a certain black quarterback.

The main connection between sports and politics is the bowing down to the government from obligatory flyovers to corn powered Indycars. The only smart thing Bush II spewed about the environment was advocating switch grass. It doesn’t take more energy to process it than it puts out, unlike corn.

Instead of singing the national anthem someone should talk about the total waste represented by the thousands of killed and maimed in the Middle East. TOTAL WASTE.

Sports and sports broadcasting, like war, is a racket. 

I have to ask, did John Madden really say “if he had caught that pass, it would have been a completion”?

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