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God v Government

Posted by M. C. Fox on April 14, 2017

One of these, the Book of Acts, decribes how the Apostles of the newly established church acted, how they prayed and how God responded, in regard to human government – when it tried to silence them:…

The truth is, this kind of public prayer would never be heard in most churches today. Instead, leaders would cower and plead for permission to meet in private, while reminding members to honour the powers that be.

Surely, if governments really were a part of God’s practical earthly prescription for sin; might we not expect them to behave rather better than ordinary people?

But instead, we see the state as the consistent enemy of Christianity, and we see this reflected throughout the New Testament:…

Governments today are certainly no friend of God.  If governments are God’s tool they are not the sharpest in His shed.

Christiandom in Europe has been fading for decades and the EU doing its best to speed that along.

The US is partners with the Christians’ greatest enemy-Islam.  We fund, arm and train Al Qaeda, ISIS and the Muslim country that made direct attacks on US soil-Saudi Arabia.

Government: The devil in lamb’s clothing.

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