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CIA Fights Disclosure of Secret Aid to Israel

Posted by M. C. on April 24, 2017

On September 11, 2013 journalist Glenn Greenwald revealed that the National Security Agency was pumping electronic intercepts of communications of American citizens to Israel, with no legally binding limits on how the data could be used.

The Trump administration has indicated that it will be slashing the US foreign aid budget, except for funding to Israel. This may make the percentage of total US aid received by Israel jump from an average of 9 percent over the past four years to 20- 30 percent or even more of the total foreign aid pie. This worries many within the Israel lobby who wish to obscure how disproportionate it has become.

The legality of US aid to Israel is also under scrutiny. In February reporter Sam Husseini made Senator Chuck Schumer, an ardent Israel supporter, admit during a National Press Club briefing that Israel has nuclear weapons. Under the Arms Export Control Act, the US may not provide foreign aid of any type to nuclear weapons states operating outside the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty…

The congress and CIA secretly working for a foreign nuclear power that does not abide by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, all at taxpayer expense.

One would get the impression the US government is not working for US citizens.  But that is just the opinion of a mere mundane.

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