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How Saudi Arabia Tricked American Veterans

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 28, 2017

According to records kept under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA), multiple U.S. lobbying firms and individuals have disclosed contracts with the Saudi government to recruit veterans to spread the message on the Hill about the 2016 Justice Against State Sponsored Terrorism Act (JASTA) and its “unintended consequences,” including “potential liabilities arising for U.S. military, intelligence and diplomatic personnel.”

Veterans contacted by TAC—even those who went on the fully paid trips to DC involving free hotel rooms (many at the now-legendary Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue), meals, and nights out on the town—say recruits in many cases were misinformed about what JASTA really does, and furthermore, not told at all that Saudi Arabia, the country that would currently have the most to lose if JASTA remains intact, was behind it all.

“I was blatantly lied to,” said Lorraine Barlett, a retired Army JAG officer, who said she was told “several entities” were paying for the trips she took. Barlett said the events were billed as “come support your local service members” in a notice passed along by a friend who was recruiting veterans in Augusta, Ga. She was not told Saudi Arabia was footing most if not all of the bills.

Later, Casler recalled another coordinator, clearly intoxicated after a night of indulging, bragging that “the Kingdom” was behind it all.

The US does not have a single friend in the Middle East.  All our allies are taking US for all they can get. Saudi Arabia and Israel being the big winners.

SA funded 9/11 and supports ISIS (as does the US when they are fighting the Syrian government).

The neocon/warparty/presstitute media are fully on board with our friends in their quest for neocon/warparty world domination.

The neocon/warparty complains about a Trump administration official talking to Russia when in fact they are supporting terrorism, and the people that have repeatedly attacked US, on a world wide scale.

What will it take to stop the madness? Our ranks (you and me) are too few.  The sheeple are too many.

I am afraid the only way this will stop is when world war has brought everything to a stop.

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