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Waffling Ann Coulter Tells Trump Not to Waffle on the Wall

Posted by M. C. on April 29, 2017

When she backed out of her speech at Berkeley, I realized that she really does not understand politics. This was a tremendous opportunity to embarrass the far-Left crazies. I wrote about this in March. The best possible tactic that a conservative can use against the Left today is to let these crazy people act just as crazy as they are willing to act. The public is fed up. The more we can show that these people are off-the-wall whining nut cases, the better it is for the conservative movement. She has not figured this out. If you can’t figure this out, you don’t understand politics. You surely don’t understand strategy.
I thought the same thing. Coulter should go to Berkeley just so the Soros funded violence mongers could show the world what their rainbow colors were really all about. 

It would take some courage to face possible harm. Coulter didn’t have it. I was disappointed.

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